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We offer business security solutions such as digital safes and vault services.

We stock and support Chubb brand Safes and Vault Components.

  • Cash and Deposit Safe Solutions
  • Document and Data Media Safe Solutions
  • Vaults and Safe Doors
  • Combined Fire, Burglary and Explosive proof Safe Solutions

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Cash Safes:

Chubbsafes cash safes offer burglary protection in different levels, from uncertified to S1-S2 and  Grade 0-VI. They are available in different sizes, designs, and with an extensive range of interior fittings.

Document Safes:

Solutions for storage of standardised documents, files, binders and folders.
All solutions are completely Fire-proof for total document safety and security.

Data Safes:

For storage of Backup Hard Disks/Drives, CD/DVD-ROM Catalog Storage.
2 Levels of Fire Protection and Added Burglary Protection from Data-Theft using the “DataPlus” Range.

Combined Protection:

If you are looking for a combined protection, have a look at DuoGuardand Fire range with its combined burglary and fire protection andTrident with its unique combination of burglary, fire and explosives protection.

Vaults and Door Solutions:

Chubbsafes offers vaults in several different security levels, from Grade II to Grade XII. Chubbsafe vaults are built with lightweight modular panels, for easy assembly, disassembly and expansion of a room.
Centurion and ModuleGuard Range.